Manufacturing for the Manufacturer

Did you know that there are manufacturers specifically for other manufacturers? What does that even mean? It means that when a manufacturer is down, another manufacturer helps them get the job done. Whether that means manufacturing a part the other manufacturer no longer can or manufacturing custom products that will help other manufacturers speed up productivity. 

For example, an assembly line may use custom dies in their production. Eventually, those dies get worn down and have to be replaced. Because they are are custom dies, the manufacturer can’t just go buy them at a store. That’s where a custom manufacturing shop comes in. They will step in and make all of the new dies for the manufacturer in need.

Steffensmeier Welding & Manufacturing is a manufacturer for the manufacturer. We take on a variety of jobs like the one described above. Manufacturers like us have a unique challenge, as most jobs are never the same. This line of work pushes us to grow in a variety of areas, which makes for a well-rounded team and a wide range of services.