12 Plus Students Visit SWM

This morning we gave students in the 12 Plus high school program a tour of SWM. We had a lot of fun showing the students around and telling them about all of the different jobs here at SWM. The students will also get to see 18 other local business’ during their 12 plus course. The goal of these tours is to show the students first-hand what kind of jobs are available, teach them how to prepare for future careers and get them introduced to local industry leaders.

Another fun activity we have done this year with the 12 Plus class is mock interviews. The mock interviews were another great way for students to get involved with local business’ and meet industry leaders. Students were able to practice what it’s like to have a professional interview and receive feedback to help better prepare themselves for their future career.

This year we had our general manager, Dave Garcia, attend the mock interviews. Dave has a lot of experience in the hiring process, working in a variety of departments and has experience working all over the United States. We value his perspective and hope some of his wisdom rubbed off. Dave is pictured above in the second row, third from the left along with 15 other industry leaders and the 12 plus students.

Activities like this get us so excited for the future of Lee County! There is so much opportunity for our youth and the Lee County community is just getting started!

If you haven’t heard about all of the great things going on with the Lee County Economic Development Group, make sure to check them out at: https://www.leecountyedg.com/aboutourorganization/grow-lee/

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